SaTURDAY OCTOBER 2nd  2021 at 10 AM


Present members : Alf, Ballouhey, Battì, Biz, Bertin, Bonfim, Boursier, Caffa, Dauga, Daullé, Delambre, Devo, Dubouillon, Frémion, Gibo, Gillian, Govin, Hamm, Ali Hamra, Jancry, Jethro, Joyeux, Kak, Kankr, Agnès Lanchon, Jacqueline Laquille, Jean-Jacques Laquille, Dominique Libor-Darmatoff, Marilo, Guy Michel, Moine, Nalair, Oligo, Pesso, Phil, Philbar, Placide, Plop, Renault, Savignac, Tym, Trax, Vallejo, Velleine, Veesse,

Représented members : Dino Aloi, Terry Anderson, Barrigue, Honoré Bonnet, Le Celte, Gouzil, Gruet, Fidèle Castor, Jaminon, Christian Larivière, Dominique Lemarié, Daf, Djamel Lounis, Nagy, Nalair, Marilena Nardi, Tchavdar Nikolov, Paula Mertins, Thomi, Minault, Natalie Monteleone, Pijet, Puglia, Rafagé, Franck Raynal, Izel Rosental, Ugo Sajini, Imad Sanouni, Savignac, Karsten Schley, Andy Singer, Sondron, Olive Smith, Miss Lilou, Vomorin, Vranckx, Wingz.

Guests : Olivier Auvray, Steve Bell, Bidu, Bridenne, Ivana Caffa, Chouba, Guy Hennequin, Renée Umbdestock, Jacky Houdré, Jamshidifar, Jipé, Livingstone, Christiane Moine, Ric&Rac.

We are quorate,

Moral assessment

Presented by Pierre Ballouhey, president. France-Cartoons gathers to day 131 members. They come from all the continents. At the beginning they were exclusively French speaking artists, then Daryl Cagle decided we were his favorite cartoonist association and he had the members of his syndicate join us. It is officially recorded that the treasury, from now on, has been entrusted to Jancry’s care, after an efficient and  adequately well conducted handover from Tym to Jancry.


France-Cartoons have curated two exhibitions in partnership with Le Crayon, the first one is a tribute to Samuel Paty  and the other one is entitled « Ecology, environment, press cartoons and freedom of speech », both were presented  in Ramatuelle, Cannes and Saint-Just-le-Martel.

France-Cartoons is represented in lots of exhibitions in Saint–Just-le-Martel : Espoir, Buduàr, Adam Zyglis, Steve Bell, “on the other side of Loup’s mirror”, Placide, etc.


When Marc Large was abruptly sacked by Sud-Ouest, France-Cartoons gave him assistance by sending supporting cartoons and a letter to the editor who hasn’t shown any will to reconsider his decision so far. Assistance given, too, to Emad Hajjaj, member of France-Cartoons and Cartooning for Peace, who was  imprisoned  for a cartoon against the emir. He was released under the pressure of humanitarian associations but a trial is under way. Assistance given, too, to Osama Hajjaj, his younger brother, who was threatened because of a cartoon disparaging the antiabortionists.

France-Cartoons took part in the campaign “Three fingers for Myanmar’s cartoonists” on the social networks.

France-Cartoons participated to the campaign against hard work for children. All these supporting campaigns are recorded on the site, the webmag and the social networks.


An online boutique selling by products, books, run by Jancry in cooperation with the Promartis association which has already realised the  St-Just online shop. It will be accesible from the France Cartoons site. Turning towards a technical solution, a management software is thought of to facilitate the general accounting and the payment of the subscriptions by bank card. Several solutions are being evaluated.

It is recommended that all the board members be regularly informed of the subscriptions so as to update the lists and print the member cards,

The support fund

It is planned to set up a support fund which would enable us to obtain grants and help prosecuted cartoonists. The membership fee remains fixed at 26 € . Those who feel like giving more than 26 € can do it with a single check or a single bank payment. Jancry will sort it all out.


Pierre Ballouhey is being fixing a calendar to avoid collisions or overlapping of the dates. It is asked to let him know, as soon as possible, about the dates of the already planned festivals for 2022. The president recalls that France Cartoons has no power of decision in the choice of the cartoonists in any festival. The debate scrolls on  to the cartoonists’ wages and the financial conditions of participation  to festivals.

The St-Just chart, that everybody could find on the tables, is widely contested. Though its content doesn’t express that selling one’s books outside the bookstand is absolutely forbidden, that obligation seems to be understated. The chart recalls that making free caricatures and dedications is a tradition that should be respected but a tips hat remains allowed. Dominique Libor-Darmatoff recalls the numerous possibilities to be remunerated for cartooning. Placide, Ballouhey and Frémion favour the subscription to the ADGP, the SAIF or the SOFIA to get extra royalties for appearances in the press, books or television.

The house of the press cartoons and the satire

Dubouillon et Kak were members of the Consulting Committee. Strasbourg, Paris and  Limoges-St-Just are still in competition. After the meeting of the committee, a report was handed over to the president of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron and his government but it is still confidential. It is already considered as nearly granted that the House of the Press Cartoons and the Satire will not aim at organizing festivals or storing art works. Kak and Jean-Michel Renault excepted, all the present members seem totally decided to support   the Limoges-St-Just choice. Jean-Michel Renault has actually been on a project for 20 years or so in Montpellier on the building site of the old prison of the city. This project has long been subjected to political turns of events but, today, it would be supported by the mayor, general councilor, Michaël Delafosse (DVG). Renault underlines the fact that this project is different from the House of the Press Cartoons and the Satire one, both being compatible.The President of the  Republic is to give his answer in autumn. For Frémion,  the greater number of applicants the better !

The vice-president Battì confides having had the idea, with Enzo Apicella, of creating a mediterranean home for the press cartoons in the hamlet of Peru-Casevecchje (Corsica).

France-Cartoons have never met with Roselyne Bachelot but a majority of the members have come forward      to favour sending a mail to the minister and the President of the  Republic, either a letter personnally adressed to them or a public letter in the media. The offices of the president of the Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Alain Rousset, will help us deliver that message. Ballouhey asked several times the Minister to officialize our member card as a pass to enter national museums.

Placide regrets the social aspect has not been approached. He was warmly applauded for his statement.

France-CARTOONS web site

Pesso and Franck Raynal are congratulated and thanked for the progress of the web site which has become more and more accessible, attractive, more and more visited.  Pesso urged everybody to think about putting matter into it. He can’t put our cartoons himself any longer but he proposes to help anyone to do it.

THE WebMag

Babache was highly congratulated and thanked for setting up and managing the webmag.

The financial balance sheet

The balance sheet is positive, Jancry thanksTym.

There are 131 subscriptions, 86 of them have been payed for by bank cards which is recommended because it facilitates the accounting.

Key numbers : Savings : 12 707,66 €

Current accounts Banque Postale : 1386,32

Crédit Mutuel : 298,46.

It has been decided to shift towards the Crédit Mutuel, the proceeding with the Banque Postale being too heavy (address changes, deposits, bank transactions,…)


It was payed tribute to our fellow Xavier Delucq who died in the night of september 15th to 16th. A special file is to be published in the webmag with a text by Wingz. France-Cartoons present their condolences to Marie and Manoë.

Alban Poirier, member of the EIRIS, a regular fan of Saint-Just and the gatherings around cartooning, is gone. Condolences to Geneviève and her children,


President : Pierre Ballouhey

Vice-president : Toussaint Manfruelli (Battì)

General secretary : Raphaël Donay (Rafagé)  Under general secretary : Bertrand Daullé

Treasurer : Jean-Chistophe Frachet (Jancry),

WebMasters : Jacques Pessaud (Pesso) et Franck Raynal

The meeting is closed at 12. The meeting secretariat was led by Trax.

The moral and financial reports are adopted wih an absolute majority.

A copy for the co presidents of the Salon of  Saint-Just-le-Martel.

Pierre Ballouhey