Report of the France-Cartoons général meeting


The majority of the members were present or represented.

Present members of the board : Pierre Ballouhey, president, Toussaint Manfruelli aka Battì, vice president, Thierry Masquelez aka Tym, the treasurer and Raphaël Donay aka Rafagé, the secretary, Jacques Pessaud, aka Pesso, the webmaster, Robert Rousso, the founder of the association was excused.

Present members : Alain Julien, Bertin, Bonfim, Caffa, Daryl Cagle, Dauga, Govin, Jépida, Kak, Agnès Lanchon, Lounis, Luc, Manu, Marilo, Guy Michel, Minault, Moine, Nalair, Noder, Pinter, Phil, Philbar, Plop & Kankr, Puglia, Sampaio, Teyssié, Trax, Veesse.

Represented members : Adenne, Alf, Aloi, Babache, Biz, Boursier, Calmels, Chervalier, Catherine Créhange, Daf, Delambre, Demouveaux, Devo, Frémion, Fidèle Castor, Gouzil, Gruet, Gwenaël, Jacquet, Jenny, Khalid Gueddar, Nardi, Sajini, Savignac, Karsten Schley, Vallejo, Vomorin.

Guests : Jacky Houdré, Nicolas Jaquette, Dominique Libor, Jérôme Liniger, Martine Mauvieux, Christo Komarniski, Gérard Vandenbroucke.


Pierre Ballouhey presented the moral report.

France-Cartoons have taken part in two great exhibitions :

  • The 125 th anniversary of the Buenos Aires “Alliance Française”. Friendly relationship between the two countries and cultural exchanges. The works were being shown in Buenos Aires during the month of march 2018 and then in Saint-Just le Martel. Walter Farias is greatly satisfied with the outcome of this collaboration.
  • “Au bout du Crayon, le droit des femmes” (Women’s rights) in partnership with A.Faure’s “Le Crayon” association and the Fidep. The exhibition is, at the moment, in Bichkek (the capital of Kirghizistan) and is presented by Sereine Mauborgne who is a deputy of the Var (83rd French “Département”). The exhibition is then expected at the National Assembly and at the Strasbourg European Parliament..

France-Cartoons support Thierry Barrigue and his association “Crayons solidaires, dessins pour tous” (cartooning for all). The cartoonists collaborating to his magazine  “Vigousse” regularly visit the refugees in their camps.

The international level of France-Cartoons is confirmed by the membership of lots of cartoonists from the USA, the UK and Holland. In 2019 we can expect the number of members to reach 150 and more.


Very positive outcome for the France-Cartoons webmag thanks to Babache and his wonderful work, with four more issues this year. Praise is surging from everywhere.


We must acknowledge the success of our members in the the supporting actions for their fellow cartoonists that are persecuted in their own countries. We are proud of the release of Eaten Fish and Ramón Esono Ebalé.


“The Caricature Stars for Music” exhibition.

After the Holocaust Contest file, the Iranians are at it again and seem to postpone the participation of female cartoonists. Dauga explains that Marilena Nardi sent them a message pointing to the fact that no women were to be seen on the poster of that exhibition and the controversy seems to originate in this little snag. Under such circumstances it seems impossible for us to send works to a country refusing the integration of women and the freedom of speech. Why not ask the Iranian political refugees in France -Kianoush Ramezani,

Mana Neyestani, Sharock Heydari- to say what they think about it? Why not question some other cartoonists who are still in their country such as Hassan Karimzadeh who was chastised with caning, Hadi Heydari, Atena Farghadani, imprisoned or Ali Durani (Eaten Fish) who had to leave Iran for Australia and was locked away in the Manus Island Prison in Papua, New Guinea?


  • A new conception of the design of the member card.
  • Signposting : Printings of the last covers of the webmag on boards, banderoles, canvas sheets or flags to herald France-Cartoons in exhibitions, festivals and so n…


Sebastien Masteau, a parliamentary attaché and Sereine Mauborgne, the Var deputy, propose their help to apply for grants and to make possible a meeting at the “Ministère de la Culture” (National Culture Department) in order to officialise the France-Cartoons member card as a free pass for the entrance in national museums.


Pesso – Lots of members don’t try to make the best of the beautiful shop window the site is. It is actually a very useful way to show one’s work!

Placide – We should affix the France-Cartoons logo on our productions before publishing them on the web site!

Kak – We are all on Face Book. Every one should put the France-Cartoons seal on his or her page!

Caffa – I propose my help to make the site more efficient, much wider and get better pictures.


We have all perfectly heard about the hilarious flashes of humour  emanating from the Feco International president Nieuwendijk. In the official magazine of his association (Feco-News n° 64) he declares that France-Cartoons is getting down and only numbers 32 subscribers whereas there were actually 125 registered cartoonists at that time and today, with the last registrations made by Tym in Saint-Just, this number has come up to 150. What a zany madcap!


The France-Cartoons board and all its members are grateful to Daryl Cagle for his support with a great number of members of “Cagle Cartoons” joining in.


Presented by Thierry Masquelez :

Subscriptions : 2914,36 €

Positive outcome : +2887,21 € on the current account.

+7499,23 € on the savings account.

The financial report was approved by all.

Tym offered a set of 60 or so pins with the France-Cartoons logo which were met with great success in the Salon but soon became scarce.


No mandate coming to an end, no election was to be held, the meeting was closed at 12.


The report was taken down by Raffagé, the secretary.