Report of the general assembly of France Cartoons 2019

Report of the general assembly of France Cartoons held on Saturday October 5th at the “ Espace Loup ” in Saint Just le Martel.


The majority of the members are present or represented.

Present members of the board :  Pierre Ballouhey, president, Toussaint Manfruelli aka Battì, vice-president, Thierry Masquelez aka Tym , treasurer and Raphaël Donay aka Rafagé, secretary, Jacques Pessaud aka Pesso, webmaster, Robert Rousso, founder.


Present members : Alf, Luc Arnault, Arhex, Babache, Barrigue, Beaunez, Bennabou, Bertin, Biz, Bonfim, Bidu, Honoré Bonnet, Caffa, Cagle, Micha Cotte, Dauga, Frémion, Genny, Gillian, Hamra, Jancry, Jepida, Jethro, Kak, Kankr, Nadia Khiari, Lelievre, Djamel Lounis, Manu, Marilo, Moine, Nalair, Noder, Oligo, Orsi, Phil, Placide, Plop, Puglia, Phil, Pinter, Renault, Izel Rozental, Ross Thomson, Vallejo, Veesse…


Represented members : Dino Aloi, Jean-Jacques Beltramo, Alain-Julien Benitez, Liza Donnelly, Paula Martins, Natalie Monteleone, Marie Morelle, André Pijet, Jean-Louis Savignac, Christine Traxeler, Martin Van der Linden, Jean Paul Vomorin, Gilles Demouveaux, David Gouzil, Donec, Calmels, Daf, Gibo, Daullé, Guy Michel, Gruet, Chervalier, Fidèle Castor …


Guests : Alexei, Auvray, Marie-Claude Bertin, Cagle Jr, Dara, Uri Fink, Jacky Houdré, Jacquette, Lemarié, Dominique Libor, Liniger, Martine Mauvieux, Sheed, Surreal McCoy, Zyglis…


Moral balance sheet :

The president presents the moral balance sheet.

– The international dimension of France Cartoons is confirmed once more by the registration in St Just le Martel of a great number of cartoonists from the USA, the UK and Holland. In 2020 we should number more than 180 members.

– Benefactor members are more and more numerous. They receive all the news on the association. Their financial support is important for us.


Exhibitions :

-“ At the end of the pencil, the social networks “ in partnership with Alexandre Faure’s association “ Le Crayon ” and the “ Fidep ”. The exhibition was in St Just and keeps on travelling. It is expected in Carpentras for the “ Rencontres Crayonnées “. The next one in 2020 will have to do with the climate and the environment.

-“ New York Times”. Alongside with “ Cagle’s Cartoons “, France Cartoons support the campaign against the disappearance of political press cartoons in that important New York newspaper. A great exhibition at the Saint Just salon.


Pubications :

-“ 87 dessins pour Gérard “, a book published by France Cartoons, the Saint Just “ Centre permanent “and EDF has come to be a great success. Gérard Vandenbroucke had always helped our association keeping a close eye on its evolution. One more time, many thanks to Babache for his work in the edition of the album and to all its participants.

-France Cartoons roll ups are on the salon. The QRCode connects your smartphone directly to the Webmag.


Web magazine :

-France Cartoons Webmag is getting more and more attractive. We are still receiving lots of compliments but in decreasing number. The surprise element is declining and the readers get used to receiving a top class magazine. Thank you very much Babache !

Tell us about your doings and your publications, this web magazine is widely spread and read mostly thanks to the social networks. Share it out unrestrainedly.





Supports :

Our mobilization and efforts for supporting the cartoonists persecuted in their own countries met with great success. We are very pleased with the liberation of Musa Kart and our support campaign for Antonio and Chapatte.


Ministry of Culture :

The president has written to Franck Riester, the minister of Culture, to ask for the officialization of the member card as a pass for free entry at the national museums and a reduction of the social charges on the freelance work of the cartoonists so as to urge editors to publish more cartoons. The minister’s staff answered that the question was to be considered with great care.


Projects :

-Publication of a catalogue. Tremendous work for editing, sorting, mailing and selling.

-Printed publication of a summary of the France Cartoons webmag of the year.



Dominique Lemarié and Kak recommend us to register at one of these French societies specialized in the management of visual copyrights.


France Cartoons Web Site :

The site is now coming into a new era. It has been decided to order a reconstruction scheme of our site from a professional operator outside the association which would imply to pay for his help. Discussions are open. The expressed needs are : More pictures with adequate resolutions, a shop, able to lead the buyers to your selling spots, more events, a very conspicuous return to the Webmag with, at least, one cartoon in the gallery of each member. The Board allows Pesso to share, on the blog or on the social networks, one picture of the cartoonists who wouldn’t do it on their own. We are fucking fed up with empty galleries with a logo and the message : A cartoon to be here soon !


Acknowledgement :

The board and all the members of France Cartoons are grateful to Daryl Cagle for his active support with the registration of a great number of Cagle Cartoons’ members.


Financial Report :

Presented by Thierry Masquelez :

Subscriptions : 4035,30.

Positive balance account : +68,25  on the current account.

+12555,47 on the savings account.

The financial balance sheet is approved by all.


Tym’s pins with the France Cartoons logo have had a renewed success everywhere in the salon.


In Saint Just the France Cartoons cartoonists have made a clear sweep of the prizes : Giemsi, Bonfim, Placide, Ballouhey, Barrigue. Congratulations !


No mandate coming to an end, no election is due and the sitting is closed.

Report written by Rafagé, secretary.



Signature of the Board Members


Pierre Ballouhey, President                          Toussaint Manfruelli, Vice-President




Thierry Masquelez, Treasurer                         Raphaël Donay, Secretary